Auld Lang Syne – Ukulele Tutorial with Chords And Lyrics

This is the video for the 'Auld Lang Syne' Ukulele Tutorial. It contains Informations for the Strummingpattern (pretty easy), Chords and Lyrics. Just watch and play along. "Auld Lang Syne" Lyrics come from a Scots poem written by Robert Burns (1788). The Melody is based on a traditional folk song. People sing this song on New Year (at the stroke of midnight). But it is also sung on other occasions. You find this song on a lot of Christmas Songs compilations as well.

This song is part of my new app "Ukulele Christmas And New Year" for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch ($.99) Buy it on the App Store



  1. Andy

    Just bought both of your christmas apps.
    They really help me getting better on the uke.
    Thanks for your great work.

    • admin

      Thank you Andy.

      Keep on strumming man.

  2. Todd

    I really love the formats you use for your online playalongs. Thank you! And, are there any plans to migrate your Chordfinder and Christmas apps to Droid?


    • admin

      Hi Todd,

      I’m glad you like our playalongs.
      At the moment we’re working on an update for the ios app.
      Maybe we make an Android version of the chordfinder and christmas app in the future, but we’re not shure yet.

      Best regards


  3. Fazlyn

    I’ve only recently started playing the ukulele and I enjoy the playalongs tremendously. I would like more songs with words as well please. Great work!



  4. Terry Batters

    Hi there, really cool stuff on here but as mentioned in previous comments, can you put more on Android – PLEASE !!!!!

    • admin

      Thank you for using our app. I hope we will find the time to make more apps for Android in the future


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