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BY THE DOZEN – Interview With Ukulele Artist Samuel ” The Ukulele Preacher ”

I saw Samuel performing in a Berlin Bar. He's a good singer and knows how to play his ukulele. Tight strumming and nice picking. To get an impression here's a video where he's playing all the instruments ( music starts at 1:50 min ): The YouTube ID of axnwgT9oPBw#t=1m50s is invalid. His band plays gigs at a circus too. That's something exceptional. I asked him 12 questions:

1. What's your name ?

Samuel Beck alias "Samuel der Ukulelenprediger"

2. Where do you live ?

Berlin, Tempelhof

3. How long do you play the ukulele ?

Since 2010, but I played the guitar before.

4. Your favorite scale ( soprano, concert etc. ) and tuning ?

Of course soprano, otherwise I would still play the guitar.

5. Please name the best and worst ukulele that you played ?

I liked them all. Amongst the three I own, I like the Korala the most, but the Mahalo looks better.

6. Do you build or customize ukuleles ?


7. Your favorite ukulele player ?

I've seen many good players on youtube, but I don't remember their names.

8. Do you play in a band or meet with other ukulele players ?

Yes, I have a band, but I'm the only ukulele player in the band. The others play drums, doublebass, guitar and keyboards. Sometimes I join the meetings of the "1. Deutscher Ukulelenclub".

9. Any chance to see you live on stage ?

Yes, the 14th of March with my band at Ufa-Fabrik, Berlin.

10. When do you find you are most creative ?

During long trips back home in my car, although I cannot play the ukulele in these moments because I'm driving. But I can think about the content and the lyrics of my songs.

11. Tell us about your best ukulele moment ( when you experienced something good with the ukulele ).

I played the songs I composed for guitar on my ukulele. Some of them were working even better on the ukulele.

12. Where can we find you in the internet ( social media, web site ) ? So if you get the chance to see Ukulele Artist Samuel playing live, go for it. And please like him on Facebook. Although he preaches in German he understands you, if you want to confess in English. Many thanks to Samuel the ukulele preacher for answering the questions. Amen. FriendlyFred

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