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F*** off back to Eton – Ukulele vs. Cameron

Just recently I discovered the following video with a brave man who uses his voice and his uke for a protest against the Prime Minister of Great Britain:
On 13/4/2015 David Cameron visited Alnwick, Northumberland during his campaign for General Election 2015. But there were not only fans of the Tory leader. Robin Grey sang his song " F*** off back to Eton with all your Eton chums. In the video singing starts at 0:16. And it takes 8 seconds until one of the prime minister's grumpy security detail plants himself in front of the ukulele revolutionary. Meaningwhile Mr Cameron walked away smiling at the bystanders. Here's the studio version with the official video:
In this vid Mr Grey talks about his song during the Occupy Democracy movement:
For more infos and download links to the uncensored version please click here. The Torys are still in power, but well done man. Strum on Robin. FriendlyFred  


  1. Eduardo

    I say ukulele for love and nothing else! This is just my opinion of course 🙂

    • Friendly Fred

      And that’s a good viewpoint Eduardo.



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