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Great Ukulele Players

You should check out these six ukulele players. Some are outstanding instrumentalists others influenced the music world.  

James Hill

He's an ukulele virtuoso from Kanada. He's probably the fastest player in the world.
In 2011 he released his album " man with a love song ", which shows that he's not only a unique instrumentalist but a great songwriter  with a well-sounding voice as well. He gives concerts all over the world and often plays with the cellist Anne Davison.    

 Jake Shimabukuro

This video made the great uke player from Hawaii popular on youtube. He shows his skills with an instrumental version of George Harrison's " While my guitar gently weeps ". Nowadays he tours through the world and mostly plays solo on hids tenor ukulele.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ( " IZ " )

This Hawaiian ukulele player made the instrument popular with his medley of " Somewhere over the rainbow " and " What a wonderful world ". Apart from his gentle voice he was a very good ukulele player. He died 1997 at the age of 38 years.

Eddie Kamae

He's an ukulele player from Hawaii. He played in a band called " Ukulele Rascals " and now in the formation " Sons of Hawaii ".    

George Formby

This English musician, actor and comedian created the Formby style. Mostly known for his split stroke on his banjolele. He used different tunings. Mr. Formby died aged 56 in 1961.

Eddie Condon

He lived from 1905 to 1973 and was a important bandleader in Dixiland music ( Chicago style Jazz ). He played ukulele, guitar and banjo. He invented the Condon Style.          

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