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Hi, I'm FriendlyFred and running this blog. I play 'em all from soprano to baritone, acoustic and electric. Yes, big hands can handle small instruments. Enjoy strumming around and have a good day !

Hey, Soul Sister By Train – Ukulele Tutorial

Chords And Lyrics On 3 Sheets ( PDF ) ( thanks to lassie66 for creating the pdf ) Print the pdf file ( see link above ) to learn the chords. You see two different chord diagrams for C#m. Use the one which is easier to grab for you. Try to play the easy strumming pattern first in half tempo as shown in the video. Then play it in the original speed.  


  1. Eduardo

    This song has indeed become a classic to learn on the ukulele. Thanks for sharing these videos Friendly Fred!

    • Friendly Fred

      Thanks Eduardo, keep on strumming.



  1. Ghighi - Hey, Soul Sister By Train... you make blogging glance...

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