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Brueko – A German Ukulele Manufacture

Ever laid your hands on a Brueko ? Brueko is a ukulele manufacture based in Kitzingen ( Germany ). For several years luthier Hubert Pfeiffer built ukes of different sizes and woods. I never owned a Brueko. They produce mainly sopranos and I'm more into bigger scales. I played a special model at a local meeting. It was well made and sounded good. Some say, a Brueko produces only a " plong ". That means they feel the need of more sustain. I think it depends more on the player. For example it's much more determining for the sound how hard you hit the strings or how long your fingernails are.   In this video you get an impression of the German ukulele luthier:
You can find more informations on their website. What are your experiences with Brueko ukuleles ? Feel free to leave a comment.   FriendlyFred

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