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Ukulele Robot-And you still play the uke with your hands?

Roboterbild In the history of music making there were several machines that did the jobs of the musicians. For example player pianos ( pianolas, autopiano ) the self-playing pianos you might have seen in western movies.
So if it works with a piano, why shouldn't it be possible to play a ukulele by a machine ? This is what I found on Youtube: Some students at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ( ERAU ) in Daytona Beach built a ukulele playing robot. Here's their version of Dick Dale's " Misirilou ":
And of course they have to strum " Somewhere over the rainbow ": Well done guys ! So no need for playing the uke with human hands anymore ? I'm not shure. Here's another example where Nick Howarth and his partner Sam Wolfson present their RoboUke:
Nice one ! And next time you might consider to tune the ukes in advance. If you're more into mechanical solutions you might have a look at the Lego Ukulele Rig - a  ukulele-playing machine out of Lego bricks made by Josh Burker: Here's a video from my favorite Robotband " Compressorhead " ( sorry, no ukuleles ): That's a virtual band battle between Compressorhead and Z Machines:   Can't wait to see a Jake Shimabukuro- or James Hill-robot entering the stage. So you now can stop practicing, robots do it better. Or don't they ?   FriendlyFred

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