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Ukulele vs Ryanair – Sidonie sings a loving song for Ryanair

Just recently the Barcelona based pop/rock band Sidonie drew some attention in the social networks with the performance of a song in a Ryanair plane. In fact they don't really diss the low cost airline, they repeatedly sing " we love Ryanair " in their mother tongue. So why all that ? " After receiving repeatedly the habitual lack of respect shown by flight attendants on the Ryanair route to Santiago, we were moved to compose and perform a song dedicated to them and their irritable airline.", the band members of Sidonie explained online. Here's the video:
Surprisingly the other passengers doesn't seem to be bothered, some sing along and clap their hands. Good vibrations on this flight to Santiago de Compostela. As you can imagine, the folks at Ryanair were'nt too happy with the performance. Robin Kiely, a spokesperson for the airline told online: " Sidonie ? More like sit down mate.The lyrics are average, the vocals out of tune, the ukulele playing leaves a lot to be desired and there isn't one trumpet. We much prefer our new on-time landing music, which will be heard on over 90 per cent of our flights this year, as we carry 100 million customers," Are you serious man ? You want trumpet players onboard ? There shure is a lack of humor, relax man. If you want to know more about Sidonie, please visit theit website. I personally never used Ryanair but experienced a certain " lack of respect " on a flight with Iberia airline. What comes to my mind when I see the vid: Is the guy with the ukulele the Spanish brother of Noel Gallagher ( ex-Oasis ) ? How do they treat you on flights ? Cheers FriendlyFred


  1. eduardo

    oh man, they took the video down. I was interested in seeing it after reading this blog article.

    • Friendly Fred

      Thanks eduardo,

      I put another link into the blog post.

      Best regards


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