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” Wandering Star ” by Lee Marvin – Baritone Ukulele Instrumental

  This song was written in 1951 by Frederic Loewe ( music ) and Alan J. Lerner ( lyrics ) for the musical " Paint Your Wagon ". In 1969 Lee Marvin played the leading role in the same-titled film. He also sang all of his songs in the movie. " Wandering Star " was orchestrated and arranged by Nelson Riddle.  
  Marvin's version of the song became a number-one single in the UK and Ireland. At number two were the Beatles with their single " Let IT BE ". Bevor starting a film career, Lee Marvin joined the United States Marine Corps.He was wounded in action during the Battle of Saipan ( Pacific ) in World War 2. He died in 1987 at the age of 63. I played this song on my Ortega baritone ukulele in dropped D tuning ( D G B D ). Friendly Fred


  1. Etherberg Barrueta

    Great video and great song. Nicely played I would love to learn to play it. How can I learn this song? have you published a lesson or the accords?

    • admin

      Sorry no tabs, just played it by the ear.

      Best regards


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