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” Worried Man Blues ” – Ukulele Blues On A RISA LP

  Update 9/1/2013: Rigk Sauer, dedicated ukulele player and luthier, put this video on the RISA web site. RISA build this great instrument. Just click on the second demo-video here.   This is my instrumental rendition of the " Worried Man Blues ". It has " Blues " in the title, but it's more famous for being a folk or country song. Many famous performers like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger or Johnny Cash sang this tune. I played it on my RISA LP tenor. The uke is tuned in dropped D ( D G B D' ). If you want to learn some ukulele Blues licks in standard reentrant tuning, please have a look at my tutorial Easy Blues licks on the ukulele 4U. All the sound in this video comes out of my ipad. I used some drum loops from the app " Drum Loops HD " which I really can recomment. The bass backing and the sound effects of the uke ( compressor, delay,reverb, ampsimulation ) werde made with garageband. I used my Apogee Jam to connect the uke with the iPad. I recorded the song with my ZoomQ3HD ( through line in ). Hope you like it. Feel free to leave a comment.   Cheers FriendlyFred


  1. Andy Nomes

    I like this one. Grat playing man.

    • Friendly Fred

      Thanx Andy.

  2. Heather

    Wow, what a great sound. Awesome playing.

    • Friendly Fred

      Thanks for watching Heather.


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