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Hi, I'm FriendlyFred and running this blog. I play 'em all from soprano to baritone, acoustic and electric. Yes, big hands can handle small instruments. Enjoy strumming around and have a good day !

Youkulele – Il Sito Italiano Sull’Ukulele

Parlare italiano ( Speak Italian ) ? Well, I don't. Nevertheless I want to recommend Youkule - The Italian Ukulele Blog. It's run by Luca Jontom Tomassini. He's a ukulele player and teacher from Rome ( Italy ). Take a look at his Youtube channel. He made some good tutorial videos. In his ukulele lessons called " Si può fare sull'ukulele ( you can do it on the uke ) he shows the chord diagrams and also added some comments in English. Like this one:
  Apart from being a good ukulele player this guy seems to be pretty funny. I never saw a uke player holding the instrument with the chin. Watch this:
  So cruise around Jontom's blog. And remember: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Ciao FriendlyFred  


  1. jontom

    You rock man!

    • Friendly Fred

      Thanx jontom. Great videos man.

  2. King Uke

    Great post Eric. There seems to be a lot of ukulele goodness going on in Italy at the moment! Loving it!

    • Friendly Fred

      Yes, there seem to be some uke players down there like your duet partner Pancho.
      Italians have a long tradition in playing the mandoline ( like R. Carosone’s band or Nino Rota for the score of The Godfather ).
      Maybe from there it’s not so far to the uke.


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