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Ai Se Eu Te Pego ( Michel Telo ) – Ukulele arrangement

  • Key: Bb
  • chords:    Bb  F  Gm  Eb
  • verse:      Bb  F  Gm  Eb 4x
  • chorus:    Bb  F  Gm  Eb 5x  /  Bb  F  Eb
  • song: chorus  verse 1  chorus  verse 2  chorus  chorus
  • chorus begins with “ Nossa, nossa “ and ends with 8 bars accordion melodie
  • our youtube video features:  chorus  verse 1  chorus
  • strumming:
  • use only your first finger
  • only downstrokes
  • play in offbeat rhythm
  • damp the strings between the strokes with your right and/or left hand
  • in the verse you may leave the offbeat and strum more often, try for yourself
  • mind the break at the end of the chorus
  • original key of the song: B ( it's easier in Bb on the ukulele )
  • original rhythm: Sertanejo Universitario


  1. mezzoforte606

    Thx for the chords man !

    • Friendly Fred

      You’re welcome.

  2. Bruce Russell

    Nice and simple … but very effective … gets me out of the rut of my ‘normal’ strumming … thanks – I have incorporated your blues riffs into my repertoire too. I am 77 but can learn something everyday … cheers.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Bruce.
      Never too old to Rock’n Roll.

      Cheers FriendlyFred


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