Ukulele Learning Christmas Playalongs

Ukulele Learning Christmas Playalongs

Learn to play christmas songs on your ukulele with these playalongs. Or use this as a Christmas karaoke singalong. Each song contains Lyrics. - you strum to the playalong while listening to the strumming ukulele in the background - once you are able to play the song on your own, you can turn off the background ukulele and do your own strumming - you can see which chord comes next - you can see how to grab the certain chord - you can see how and when to strum - simultaneously watch the lyrics and sing along - just look and follow - an extremly easy and fast way to learn 5 popular Christmas Songs - Beginner friendly, but not exclusively for beginners - A simple tuner is included to keep your ukulele in tune.

5 Playalongs included

- “Jingle Bells” - “Silent Night” - “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” - “O Christmas Tree” - “Deck The Halls”

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