“Happy” by Pharell Williams – Ukulele Tutorial

Here is our tutorial for the song "Happy" by Pharell Williams for the ukulele (Standard GCEA Soprano Ukulele Tuning). This is definitely not our easiest ukulele tutorial. Because of the tempo of the song you have to try it a few times, before you will be able to be happy. Take a close look at the strumming patterns and practice these before you play along. Try them at half tempo first. Have Fun !

info-64  About The Song

“Happy” is a soul (neo soul) song from from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. It was written and produced in 2013 by Pharrell Williams. He got a Grammy Award for a live performance of the song. It was topping the charts worldwide. (No. 1 in America and in the UK). The voice reminds of Curtis Mayfields songs from the 70s. Check out the great ukulele version of the song by "Walk off the Earth" on Youtube.

video-play-4-64  Original Video

video-play-4-64  Uke4U Playalong

side-drum-64  Beat And Tempo

4/4 - 150 Bpm

note-64  Chords

C , Cm , Db(C#) , Bb(A#) , Fm , F7   (Key of Fm)
ukulele_chord_c ukulele_chord_cm ukulele_chord_db
ukulele_chord_bb ukulele_chord_fm ukulele_chord_f7

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