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In Between Days ( by The Cure ) – Ukulele Playalong

  Click here for chords and lyrics on 2 sheets ( pdf ) Here's a classic 80's tune from the Cure. The band was formed in 1976 in Crawley ( GB ). Robert Smith is the mastermind and the only original member that's still in the band.   We made the song slightly slower than the original to give it a more relaxed touch. I used only three strings for the E major chord to make the changes easier. Just dampen the first string with your ringfinger. Of course you can use the usual E ( 4442 ) or E7 ( 1202 ) too. I suggest a full barreĀ“ over 4 strings for the B minor chord. For a lot of players it's easier to grip than the traditional way with a barreĀ“ over 3 strings ( 4222 ). Just do as you please.   The strumming is rather simple. It switches to an offbeat rhythm every second bar:
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
U = upbeat D = downbeat   The Cure influenced a lot of musicians. Mr. Smith wrote so many great songs. Their most famous time was in the 80's. But they still know how to rock a stage. For more informations on this song and the decade please visit 2bitmonkey. Is The Cure still an important band to you ? Happy strumming !   FriendlyFred

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