“Learning Ukulele In 7 Days” – App for Android out now

I released an Android version  the Ukulele Learning App "Learning Ukulele In 7 Days". Learn to play ukulele with your android device. The Learning course guides you through 7 lessons, 1 lesson every day. At the end of each lesson, you will learn to play a song. Get    informations on how to hold the ukulele, how to strum, how to grab your first chords. A simple tuner and a chordfinder is also included. for further informations please take a look at the video.
So grab you phone, your ukulele and start to play Get android version at the Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/12IFgP5 iPhone and iPad version here: http://bit.ly/Ns3SpH For more infos and screenshots please visit: http://www.spindaboom.com/app/learning-ukulele/  

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