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Hi, I'm FriendlyFred and running this blog. I play 'em all from soprano to baritone, acoustic and electric. Yes, big hands can handle small instruments. Enjoy strumming around and have a good day !

Ukulele App ” Learning Ukulele In 7 Days ” Update

There's an update of my Ukulele App Learning Ukulele In 7 Days available in the iTunes Store. The app is adapted for the iPhone 5 (Retina 4 Inch) display. We added one new free playalong  ("Brown Girl In The Ring"). It is now possible to buy 5 more playalongs ("Latin/Tropicalia Songpack 1") as In-App purchase. The chords of the playalong are now displayed on one screen. This app is suitable for beginners and experienced players. If you learned the easy strumming patterns, you can mute the rhythm ukulele and play your own strumming arrangement..

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