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Ukuleles @ NAMM 2015

Twice a year the largest music product trade show " NAMM " takes place in the US. To get an overview about the new ukuleles here are some videos from the ukuleleunderground stuff. And I still wonder how Aldrine Guerrero would look without a hat. Here's an interview with Leon Lewis where he presents a precious koa uke. In case you're more into cheaper Lanikais, you might have a look at my TunaUke review.
He also talked with Mike Upton from Kala about their new  elite series and Kala's 10 year anniversary:
Beside ukuleles there was some talking about strings. Here's something from GHS strings:
To get an overview about ukulele news at the NAMM 2015 please visit uu's playlist. Thanks ukuleleunderground for the interesting videos. By the way  Aldrine Guerrero is really good at the baby guitar: The YouTube ID of He4gaGiGB-M#t=22 is invalid. Cheers FriendlyFred.  

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