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Ukulele World Record 2015

On 11 April 2015 more than 4750 people gathered at the first Tahiti ukulele festival in Papeete. Together they strummed and sang Eddie Lund's evergreen " Bora Bora ". ukulele world record 2The people from the Pacific Ocean archipelago came together to beat the 2014 Guinness World Record of the largest ukulele ensemble. And they made it. Congratulations ! Here's an impression of this unique event:
What a great example for the true ukulele spirit. Just imagine the setting if you'd put together the same number of drummers. They certainly had a good time at the world ukulele record 2015. And the party went on afterwards:
As you can see in the first few seconds of this video the plague of the " Selfie-Stick " has reached Polynesia. As mentioned before this wasn't the first ukulele world record and it won't be the last. The American uke scene plan a huge playalong on 18 April 2015 in Los Angeles. And what if they break the record ? " Then we bring 10.000 people to the stadium next time. " said the Polynesian culture secretary. Rock on Papeete. Cheers FriendlyFred


  1. curtis robinson

    CORRECTION: Tahiti is not in the French Indian Ocean…it’s in the Pacific Ocean

    • Friendly Fred

      Thanks Curtis,

      I just corrected it.



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